Why A Truck Licence May Be More Helpful To Your Job Prospects Than You Might Think

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With COVID-19 largely contained in most parts of Australia, many business sectors are looking to rebound. That is great news for those who were affected by a loss of employment or hours due to the pandemic, but it also means there will be a huge rush for these new positions as well. If you are in any sort of industry that involves transportation, then you can make yourself a lot more attractive to employers with a truck licence. Here are a few reasons why you should consider applying for a truck licence as soon as possible!


Many roles these days require you to be a jack-of-all-trades, and if they don't explicitly say so, then they will definitely at least implicitly value those with more on their resume than those with less. A truck licence is one of those items that all recruiters will scan for because it can always be used. Whether you are in event management or manufacturing, a truck licence transcends almost any industry. If you are starting at an entry-level position, then your usefulness will largely be judged on your qualifications, like a diploma, degree or licence, and a truck licence is definitely one of the more useful options on that list. 

Options To Specialise

While thousands of people apply for general roles at large companies, less people can apply for roles that require specific skills. A base-level truck licence may differentiate you from the pack, but a more specialised option can place you in an even smaller group of applicants. These truck licences for heavy rigs and multi-combination trucks are harder to get, that is true, but they also offer a much better chance at getting a job than entry-level ones. If you have the time and resources, then look at which licence is in high demand and go for it.

Helpful For Striking Out On Your Own

Not only are truck licenses great for getting a job at someone else's company, but they are also very important for those looking to start their own. After all, a truck licence allows you to make bigger transport runs, carry more tools and ferry more employees than traditional vehicle licenses. The defining tool in the arsenal of many a small business across Australia is the truck that is used to complete every job. If you have big plans for the future and want to start your own company one day, then a truck licence is the key that could help you unlock that door. 


8 February 2021

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