4 Reasons To Consider a Basket for Your Rooftop Cargo Carrier Needs

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Rooftop cargo carriers are the perfect solution for anyone looking for extra stowage on their vehicles. Most cars have standard storage space, making it a challenge when you need to pack extra items for travels, camping, off-roading, etc. 

Besides the extra cargo carrying capacity, a good rooftop cargo carrier will protect your cargo from harsh weather, thieves, vandalism, and debris. However, while most rooftop carriers will get the job done, size, weight limit, materials, the items you need to carry, and the carrier type are some critical components that will help you find the best. For instance, some of the standard options you will find considering the carrier type include rooftop cargo boxes, platforms, bags, and baskets.

Here are 4 critical reasons to consider rooftop cargo baskets and roof rack baskets.

Ease Of Use

Using roof baskets is relatively easy compared to other rooftop cargo carriers. First, owing to their design, roof baskets are extremely easy to mount and unmount on most vehicles, usually on the roof rack or roof rail. In addition, because roof baskets are typically open-storage platforms, they offer the easiest and quickest access to your items.

Loading and unloading stuff from your rooftop cargo basket is also easier because of the quick and easy access.


Versatility is another aspect giving roof baskets the edge over their counterparts. First, it's easy to carry large and oddly shaped items on a roof basket than in a roof bag or roof box. In addition, the open-storage design of roof baskets makes it easier to pile as many items as you can. All you need to do is to ensure you fasten them tightly with cargo nets, bungees, or cords.


How much is your budget for a rooftop cargo carrier? Generally, size is one of the top determinants of rooftop carrier prices with larger options being pricier. With that in mind, roof cargo baskets tend to be more affordable than their counterparts. Part of the reason they are typically less inexpensive is that you can pack bulky and oddly shaped equipment on a smaller size roof basket. Doing this wouldn't be practical on a roof box or bag because you will need to go for a larger (and more expensive) that your large items and those with odd shapes can fit.


Most rooftop cargo carriers are designed with an aerodynamic shape. However, roof baskets tend to perform better in this regard, especially when not in use because they create minimal wind drag. That is, they help overcome wind resistance, ideal for improved fuel efficiency.


1 June 2022

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