Why You Should Consider Adding a Specific Modifier to Your Vehicle Lubricant

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Your vehicle's gearbox and transmission are engineered very well by the factory, to last as long as possible and give you years of carefree motoring. However, you do need to pay some attention to their upkeep on a regular basis and also need to understand that they have a certain amount of redundancy built-in. What can you do to extend the life of these components, as far as possible?

Adding a Specialty Lubricant

As you may know, it's important to replace all lubricants on a regular basis. When you do this, foreign particles that have worn away from the internal metal components through wear and tear will be removed. However, you should also consider adding a friction modifier to gearbox and transmission oils during your next change. You might not be able to find these at a normal auto-parts store, but ask your mechanic where to locate them.

How Do Specialty Lubricants Work?

The friction modifier is especially designed in order to reduce the amount of friction that the gear meshes and bearings come up against during normal driving. It also has the reverse effect in some areas, as it needs to increase friction between certain components like the steel composite clutch and the torque converter.

When the friction is increased in this way, gear shifting is more subtle and you can avoid what is known as the "shudder" effect. This type of effect can cause damage to the friction plate over time, but it can be annoying for the driver at the same time.

The friction modifier can provide high levels of friction when the gearbox clutches are spinning, but low levels when the clutches come to a halt during a shift.

A very small film of specialty lubricant is added to the internal components. This film is designed to work well and in tandem with other fluid additives, including a specific agent that is supposed to reduce wear, but on the other hand could increase friction. It also works well at low temperatures or when the vehicle is stopped and has to cope with other additives that are meant to inhibit corrosion or rust.

Finding Out What Is Right for You

As you can see, this particular additive is a very specialised and well-developed solution and could add a lot of mileage to your vehicle's components. Have a word with your gearbox expert, to make sure that you use the right type of product for your car. Using specialty lubricant just might save you from needing future gearbox repairs!


21 June 2017

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