2 Signs You Need to Take Your Vehicle to the Auto Repair Shop

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If your car is giving you problems, it can be tempting to ignore them and hope that the problems resolve themselves. Unfortunately, when it comes to automobiles, this rarely happens. Problems will tend to get progressively worse, until your car or truck fails completely. Learning to recognise the signs of a mechanical problem and acting fast can help to protect your vehicle and your safety while also avoiding expensive repairs. Below is a guide to 2 signs that you need to take your vehicle to the auto repair shop.

The engine frequently hesitates or stalls

If you notice that there is a time lag between you putting your foot on the gas pedal and your car's engine responding or if the engine frequently stalls, it is time to take action. These issues have a range of potential causes which will need to be diagnosed and fixed by a qualified auto mechanic. It could be that using cheap fuel has caused sediment to build up in the fuel lines. This sediment can restrict the flow of fuel to your engine, causing it to respond sluggishly when you try to accelerate and to stall when the engine is idling. 

Another possible cause is a faulty fuel sensor. The fuel sensor in your vehicle is responsible for ensuring that the correct mix of fuel and air reach the engine. If the sensor is faulty, there may be a shortage of air or fuel reaching the engine, which will reduce its performance.

Smoke is coming from the engine or exhaust

Smoke is a signal of several potential problems. If the smoke is coming from under the hood of your car, it could be that your engine has developed an oil leak. As the leaking oil comes into contact with the hot engine, it burns up and creates a thick white smoke. If you notice white smoke coming from underneath the hood, it is important that you stop driving as soon as possible. As the oil pressure falls, it could cause damage to the moving parts of the engine as they overheat and lose lubrication. 

Smoke coming from the exhaust pipe suggests that there is an internal oil leak within the engine which is allowing oil to enter the combustion chamber, or that oil is leaking directly into the exhaust pipe. Either way, this is not good. If you notice white smoke coming from your exhaust, you should get your car to an auto repair shop as soon as possible.

If you would like further auto repair advice, you should contact a mechanic today.


10 July 2017

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