How to Make Sure That Your Winter Travels Are As Safe As Possible


When winter rolls around, the days become shorter and the nights longer. Weather conditions start to deteriorate and rainy conditions become far more commonplace. This means that a lot more people will be on the road as they commute, driving in these challenging situations, and it's even more important for you to be able to see and be seen during your travels. With those winter months approaching, what can you do to get ready?

Taking Matters into Your Own Hands

While you can never account for the driving behaviour of other people, you can certainly do what it takes to maintain a clear and unobstructed view of what's happening.

Blades, Springs and Repellents

One of the first tasks is to determine the condition of your windscreen wiper blades. Over the hot summer months, these can deteriorate and especially if they are underused following a dry spell. They can become worn and brittle and not be fit for the purpose. Remember, these are not very expensive parts and you should change them automatically at the same time as the seasons change.

If you need to, replace the spring in the arm that controls the wiper as well, so that it fits perfectly well onto your screen. While you're at it, add a solution to your screen wash that repels water. This will be particularly advantageous in the event of a sudden downpour.

Compromised Headlights

If you have an older car, it's possible that the headlight cover has become oxidised. It may have a yellowish tint, when it should be clear. This is going to cut down the amount of illumination, even if you have powerful bulbs fitted. Go to your auto-parts store and ask them for a product to clean them up and restore visibility.

Bulbs and Signals

While you're at it, check that all of your lights are working properly, including turn signals. Remember how important it is to communicate what you are doing with other drivers, to avoid confusion.

Looking after Your Windscreen

Many people will overlook the most important task – to ensure that the windscreen is in first class condition. Certainly, you should be cleaning it inside and out very carefully, but when was the last time that you took care of all those chips and cracks from everyday use? Never put this task off until sometime in the future, as cracks that go untreated will gradually get worse every time your vehicle goes over a pothole. Ideally, you'll want to save the windscreen (especially if it is the original factory placement), to say nothing of keeping your field of vision intact. Take your car in to an auto glass repair shop to have them repair any chips or cracks that exist.


30 June 2017

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