Modification of Carbon Fibre Motorcycle Exhaust System

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The exhaust system of a motorcycle forms one of the primary components for performance modification. For instance, having a stock motorcycle exhaust will actively downplay its performance because it affects the flow of the exhaust gas attempting to exit the engine system. Thankfully, you have the option of modifying your exhaust system to improve the exhaust flow coming from the engine.

The exhaust of a motorcycle is one of the most noticeable features in public; hence this custom exhaust fabrication modification will not only improve the overall performance but will also make your ride stand out from the crowd. Here are the common basics you need to know when thinking of this kind of project.

Heat Maintenance

It is very important to always maintain the temperature in your motorcycle's exhaust system to avoid overheating it. You can make early preparations upfront by installing heat shield chrome-plates to aid in the protection of overheating. The damaging and bluing effect of the heat in this case is extremely lowered by the heat shields. In addition, controlling the level of heat provides your motorcycle an option to work in optimal performance.

Pipe Rotation

Rotating the pipes helps in preserving the carbon fibre motorcycle exhaust. This process works perfect if your motorcycle has a twin pipe exhaust system. Gas in this case does not distribute evenly, which is to your advantage when it comes to rotating the pipes. The rotation will end up distributing heat evenly if it stays in one portion of the pipes. This procedure should be checked on a regular basis to ensure optimal performance of your motorcycle.

Cooling Clamp Installation

Installing cooling clamps is one expert method of modifying a motorcycle exhaust. The cooling clamps work by diminishing the level of heat that is absorbed by the metal. Since both the cooling pipes and exhaust pipes can overheat, cooling clamps offer a brilliant idea to solve the situation. Other parts that actively absorb heat on your motorcycle include the cylinder head, cylinder walls, and pistons.

Using Liquid Cooling System

A cooling system serves by removing extra heat that is generated from the engine system. This maintains activity at the engine within the required temperature range. A liquid cooling system is designed to meet all the demands of the engine by maintaining its operation at a constant temperature. The cooling system also protects other metallic parts of the bike that may develop a black colour when exposed to frequent overheating which may eventually damage them.


27 June 2017

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