Simple Tips for Maintaining Your Car's Electrical Systems

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Your car's electrical systems are actually just as important as the engine; many very important parts under the hood of a car are powered by electricity, including the fuel pump, fan, oil pump and the like. When your electrical systems fail or become damaged, your car can literally shut down, even while you're driving it. Maintaining the electrical systems should then be as important as maintaining any other part of the vehicle; note a few tips on how to do this, so you ensure your car is always in good repair and running smoothly:

Alternator belt

The alternator is what charges the battery as the car runs; if the alternator fails, the battery will very quickly run down. In turn, those electrical parts will not have power and they will then also shut down. The alternator has a belt, just like the car's fan belt, that can wear out and then even snap eventually. Note the recommended lifespan of the alternator belt in your car; you can usually check the owner's manual for this information. Have the belt changed within that timeframe, so that it's always in good condition and the alternator is always working as it should.


Test the battery every year, or even before winter and before summer, to ensure it's fully charged and strong enough to power the car's air conditioner or heater throughout those inclement seasons. Invest in a battery charger and use it when needed; if the battery is used when it's not fully charged, this can mean less power to your electrical systems and more wear and tear on those parts. Clean the battery terminals of any corrosion, and try to park the car in the shade during summer and inside during winter, to keep the battery from losing power.

Dashboard light

If the "check engine" light or the battery light on your car's dashboard should signal, don't overlook these. The "check engine" light can mean a number of problems under the hood but may mean a low battery or poor connections to the battery.

In some cases, either light may go on if there is a problem with the car's wiring; a loose wire to any part might provide that part with sporadic power so that it doesn't actually stop working, but the "check engine" light will engage. An automotive electrician can check all the electrical parts and note which may be failing and if there are any wires that need replacing as well.

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30 May 2017

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