4 Reasons to Fit Genuine Leather Seat Covers Instead of Using Synthetic Leather


If you want to add custom fit seat covers to your vehicle, it should go without saying that the material is one of the most important considerations. If you're looking to achieve a prestigious appearance and first-class comfort, you'll probably end up trying to choose between either genuine leather or synthetic leather.

There are a few good reasons to choose synthetic leather over genuine, but there's more than one reason why leather is still seen as the industry standard for luxury.

1. Appearance and Feel

Probably the most compelling reason to opt for genuine leather instead of synthetic leather is the fact that you still can't beat the appearance of the genuine article. Synthetic leather has admittedly improved, but it's still distinguishable as something mad-made, and many people find that it doesn't provide a vehicle with the same kind of respected appearance as classic leather. There's a certain artificial smoothness to synthetic leather that just doesn't offer the same high-grade appearance.

Additionally, one of the most prized characteristics of leather is its ability to become softer as time goes by, so you'll find yourself feeling increasingly relaxed as you sink into your car seats each day. It's also a big part of what provides that evocative new car smell.

2. Breathability

The glamorous look and feel of leather is enough to tempt most drivers away from synthetic leather, but there are also some practical benefits to going natural. Synthetic leather isn't breathable; that can be good for families with young children since liquids don't penetrate, but it can become very unpleasant for drivers and passengers alike. The problem is that your car seats are going to start feeling rather sticky and rubbery when the sun starts to shine its brightest, and sweat will pool across the surface. With leather, everything stays feeling fresh and cool.

3. Perfect fit

One thing that people often fail to account for when deciding between genuine leather and synthetic leather is that their vehicle may already contain genuine leather. It's becoming increasingly common for manufacturers to offer a leather-wrapped steering wheel and/or shift knob, even with lower priced vehicle that don't deliver leather-trimmed seats as standard. If you use synthetic leather seat covers, the two materials are likely to jar against each other.

4. Resale value

At some point, you're probably going to want to sell your vehicle. When that day comes, you're going to find that leather seat covers really help attract interest. In contrast, synthetic leather is the mark of a not-quite-luxury vehicle, so it might just turn potential buyers away. 


30 May 2017

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