A Guide to Caring for Your New Car

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For some, a car is little more than a means to get from A to B. For others, it is a prized possession, treasured and loved. Whichever camp you're in, a new car is likely to be a big purchase that you'll want to take care of. Chances are you'll want to wash it quite soon after purchase to keep that bright, sparkly, new car look. Use these tips to make sure that you're cleaning and caring for your vehicle properly.

Cleaning Your Car

You've invested money in a new car, so don't cut corners on your shampoo. Choose a  high-quality product to help avoid swirl marks. You'll also want a good quality wash mitt and microfiber drying towels. Wash your car in the usual way, but always use two buckets of water. One is for your car shampoo solution, and the other is for rinsing your wash mitt throughout the cleaning process.

Claying Your Car

Cleaning your car with shampoo and water won't always remove the contaminants from your car's surface. Clean your paintwork with a detail clay. This will get rid of the surface contamination left behind after the washing stage. Detail clay gets your car ready for the polishing and protecting steps you'll take next.

Polishing Your Car

You don't just polish your car to make it shine; you're also aiming to remove defects and staining on your paintwork. While your new car is unlikely to have defects, it may need a polish if it was cleaned before you bought it. A poorly cleaned car will have swirl marks that you'll want to polish out. Use a high-quality pre-wax cleaner to enhance the shine and get your car ready for whatever protective wax or sealant you use next.

Protecting Your Car

While new cars will have a good clear coat, it is still important to use a sealant or wax to protect your car's paint. Paint protection products help prevent deterioration caused by oxidation. There are some new advanced sealants on the market, and it's worth investing in a good quality one.

Maintaining Your Car

Adopting a good maintenance routine from the outset will keep your vehicle looking great. Where you drive and the contaminants your car picks up will dictate how regularly you'll need to give it a thorough clean. In between the above routine, a regular wash and quick detailing will keep your car looking good and enhance the protective wax or sealant.



13 April 2016

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